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Port Harcourt
Rivers State

Children and teachers at Mr Biggs

Stella and some of the children outside the school

Run by E.F.L.  Education a Foundation for Life

Stella, our Headmistress/Proprietress, writes about Education a Foundation for Life

Quality professional education 

E.F.L. is designed  to help to restore the lost glory of Education in my country, Nigeria. This will be done, by ensuring that the quality of education will be motivated and controlled by the spiritual idea of Divine Love. We have qualified Teachers, who have a zealousness for their profession, and give their very best, so as to ensure we achieve our high objectives/goals.


Children having fun at Mr Biggs

 Praise Giving Day 25th January 2008

Stella had the same inspiration that came to Trevor with his involvement with a school in the U.K., to recognise that spirituality should be the bedrock or foundation of education.  This idea came to Trevor as “S.A.F.E.”, Spirituality A Foundation for Education.  May God bless this project with love in abundance and success.

May all who are touched by the spiritual purpose of E.F.L. continue to dwell within the revelation of Divine Love and Truth that Jesus brought in both his words and deeds, and so spread this Truth and Love, like a Holy perfume, throughout the world from this day forward. (Idea promoted by J.B. Phillips in his New Testament translation).

Trevor was visiting Port Harcourt on a regular basis up to 2011 and always found such joy expressed by the children who all call him Daddy!  He now maintains frequent contact via Skype.

Parents express their joy and gratitude at the progress they have witnessed in their children.  

The children are also more respectful to their parents.  
The children are happy and enjoying attending school. 
They like reading books at home (as well as at school) and they are speaking better and clearer English.