The history of the Queens and Kings School



In 1992 Stella had a great desire to commence a school in Nigeria but at that time she found no support from family and friends to take the vision forward.  However, in 2002 she met a Missionary (Trevor) from the Isle of Man who recognised her wonderful qualities, her love for children, and her desire to give the children moral and ethical standards, which will set them up for life.  She wished to show the youngsters the right way to think about themselves and their parents, friends and the whole community - as children of their Father/Mother God.

In October 2002 a small school was started in a rented one-room school house in Port Harcourt, Nigeria with no electricity, no running water or toilet.  This was very successful, growing from a start of just 6 pupils to 60 in just a year. However, conditions were cramped and there was no room for further growth, so a new school was built on our own land and we have our own bore hole. There are ten class rooms, an assembly hall, 5 toilets, 3 showers, an office, a storeroom and car parking facilities.  Both these schools were built with the loving and generous help of people in the United Kingdom, America, Australia, Canada, Europe and the Isle of Man.

Children busy at the first school