December 2014 News

The plumber has been busy in the Teachers' Accommodation House.

We urgently need funds for

Labour for work already done    N45,000      £145      $276


1 Shower                                       N53,000      £203      $324

1 Bath                                            N19,000         £73      $116

November 2014 News

The doors have been fitted in the Teachers' Accommodation House.  22 windows have been purchased and these have all now been fitted.  To improve the security of the property we have been advised by the police to burglar proof the windows. Then mosquito nets have to be fixed to the windows.

We now have estimated costs for the plumbing for this house.

October 2014 News

Nigeria was affected adversely by the Ebola outbreak and accordingly all the Nigerian schools were closed.  Before The Queens and Kings School could re-open we had to provide a sink in each classroom supplied by treated running water.  

We were very fortunate to get  a positive response to our appeal and we were able to purchase the wash hand basins and have the pipework fitted to get the water from our bore hole to the treatment unit so that the children have treated running water to wash their hands.

The government inspectors came on the 18th October 2014 and cleared the school for re-opening.

October 2013 News

In Nigeria there is a group of Fundamental Extremists called Boko Haram.  They would like to eradicate Western education.

Recently some of the pupils of The Queens and Kings School were protected from potential kidnapping by a member of this group.

During the summer holidays a teacher had joined the staff of the school.  His name is Daniel.  Last week Nigeria celebrated Independence Day and the school had the day off.  However this Daniel had given a handwritten note to 10 of the pupils asking them to meet him at the school on this “day off”.

Due to the altertness of a neighbour, who acts as a security guard for the school, Daniel’s plan was revealed and stopped.  The neighbour rang the headmistress of The Queens and Kings School and told her that some of the children had turned up at the school.  The headmistress went to the school and found the children and asked them why they were there.  She was shown the papers they had been given by Daniel.  The police were glad to hear about this as they had a special team working on the capture and elimination of the Boko Haram affiliates in the Port Harcourt area.  The police were able to apprehend Daniel and he is presently in prison and also the person who recommended him to seek work at the school has been captured too.

We are grateful to almighty God who brought this crime to an early end and protected our dear children.

Old News updated

The Queens and Kings School built the Sunflower House several years ago.  This is for teachers' accommodation.

The Queens and Kings School  has a generator and generator house.  Above this a computer room has been built.  Although this was built some years ago the computer room still needs a roof in 2014

Computer room

Nursery children at their desks

We have a school bus so that those who need transport can be bused into school each day. 

The school bus, the purchase of which was so generously funded by a Trust Fund in England.

Unfortunately the bus is now beyond economic repair and needs to be replaced

We have a slide, swings and a roundabout.

This play equipment has now become rusty and
needs to be replaced

 Children learning new skills on the computer

Money is required so that more computers
can be purchased

Ceiling fans installed in the office

School Fees
If you would like to help the school by sponsoring a child for a year or more please contact us.  This is very helpful for parents who are unable to afford the school fees and it gives a boost to the children who know that someone in another country is taking an interest in them.  The cost for a year for a Nursery child is £168/$273 or for a Primary child £282/$453 and for a Junior Secondary School child the cost is £393/$630 and a Senior Secondary School child £507/$816 which includes tuition fees, exercise books and uniforms.  Our children are aged from 18 months to 14 years.  
Some of the children and teachers outside the school

Now in 2014 we have a tarmaced road which gives good access to the school

In September 2006 we had a White Board installed in every classroom

We have lovely comfy beds for the Pre Nursery children to rest on
We need money to purchase new sheets for these beds

The Nursery children rest their heads on their green and red desks

Water treatment.  Each of the ten classrooms now has a hot and cold water dispenser.  These are filled from
bottles holding 20 litres from our bore hole.

In October 2014 we have installed a washbasin in each classroom with treated running water for hand washing.

We have 7 core teachers (who would otherwise be doing military service).  All teachers have a professional quality 
table and chair for their use.